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About Direct Thermography

Direct Thermography uses the latest infrared technology to help you solve issues that need more than the naked eye. By using thermal imaging technology, we can look at when machinery will fail, allowing the client to prepare for that rather than being shocked by it. They can see all electrical faults, on boards or even solar panels and their inverters. Hot or cold water leaks can be pinned down to the exact location of the initial outbreak and they can help vets diagnose pets with a greater degree of accuracy, using a non-invasive process that will mean the pet won't worry about it at all!


Direct Thermography needed a website which showcased its services to potential customers. They also wanted the functionality to add, edit, and delete pages. They also wanted to show at a higher rank position in Google and other search engines.


We, at Direct Digital Media came up with a solution which incorporated the latest design trends and modern structure to give Direct Thermography a beautiful looking site using WordPress. The custom-built theme features functions to allow the user to add, edit, and delete projects, testimonials, pages, posts, and many more.


Now, Direct Thermography are roaming around the country removing pests from solar panels and proofing them from future entry. Their phone has been ringing non-stop thanks to our fantastic website we built and constant SEO regime ranking their website highly on Google and other search engines.

Client Feedback

"Direct Thermography is beautiful! It looks astonishing and really standards out. The purple just pops out!"

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