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Now everyone is on social media from your old hippy granny to Joe the plumber down the road. You hear about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others all over the news. One thing for sure is that they are an amazing platform to use for advertising.

We engage your brand by using trending topics and following influential accounts to broadcast and outreach to users to gain recognition in the form of retweets, favourites, and follows.

Social Media Setup & Management

If you’re a technophobe and hate computers with a passion, we can set up your social media accounts and manage them for you. Just send us the information, and we’ll work out the optimal times to post and how regularly to post and let you know how it’s going.

Facebook is the top dog of social media platforms. It’s most commonly used for personal profiles, but companies, businesses and celebrities can create pages that allow personal users to “like” their page to be kept up to date on what’s going on with their posts in your news feed.

Twitter also has profiles, but with the same features for both personal and business use. Twitter is different to Facebook however. Once you make a post, it’s public and it’s easier to make it go viral very quickly with people “retweet”ing it.

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Social Media Advertising

The amount of users on social media makes a great advertising platform. If you can utilise it, you’re on the road to success. We can create targeted advertising for your page, whether it’s a band or accountant, we will get those clicks.

We will find your target audience and create a social strategy and objectives to achieve.

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